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How to Have a Unique Floor

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Hardwood floors are not only unique but also provide a homey feel for a place and are often very nice to look at. Making them look even nicer, and separating your hardwood floor from everyone else is as easy as using random width flooring.

random width flooring

Random width flooring is when longer planks are laid alongside shorter planks, and they all fit together like a giant puzzle. Having various sizes dominate an entire room with different lengths at various spots can draw attention to a room, and can give them a certain feel.

Historically, these floors could be found in older houses and homes back when there weren’t any standards in floor plank measurements. Back then, builders just used whatever was handy and available to them. Because of this, random floors are much cheaper to buy, but also require a bit more in terms of planning to make everything look good.

Planning out a random width floorboard is easy since many builders have open concept plans that can easily accommodate a certain length of wood. Once they know the square footage of the place that they will be filling in, they can pick the board lengths that will allow them to fill in the gaps. Just make sure to keep an eye on your wood to ensure that you’ve got enough to fill in all the gaps, and it can be helpful to lay the wood first to ensure it looks good before nailing it in.

The floor lengths will often start out in a pattern when built, but then be scattered randomly as the rest of the floor is laid out and then nailed into place. Then the unique floor is done, and since all of the boards are scattered randomly, you can be assured that no one else has a floor like yours.